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The IMWG is an open forum of information management focal points from humanitarian organizations. It has operated since 2006. The main objective of the IMWG is to strengthen humanitarian information management to support improved decision making in emergency preparedness and response.

The IMWG is an open forum and welcomes participants from organizations working on humanitarian issues, including the UN, national and international NGOs, volunteer organizations and academia. The IMWG usually meets monthly, with confirmation of the meeting date sent out to the IMWG mailing list. Members are encouraged to host these meetings, otherwise OCHA hosts them at the Palais des Nations in Geneva.

The monthly meeting is primarily an information-sharing forum. Members are free to propose items for the agenda. OCHA acts as chair and secretariat of the IMWG. To join the IMWG mailing list, please register on Humanitarian ID ( and check-in to the 'Global IMWG' group.

2018 Workplan:

IMWG Chair:   Erik Kastlander, OCHA