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Zambia: UNICEF Cholera Outbreak Situation Report No. 2, 03 March 2016


  • Since the 6th epidemiological week of 2016 (5 February 2016), there has been a total of 66 cases of Cholera reported in Lusaka District (47 cases) and Chibombo District (19 cases).
  • The outbreak started in Kanyama compound in Lusaka Province and later spread to the neighboring district of Chilombo, in Central Province.
  • The peak number of cases was during the 7th and 8th epidemiological weeks with 20 cases reported each week.
  • The cumulative number of new cases per week reduced from 20 to 8 in week 9 and 3 in week 10 (current week).
  • 30 of the reported Cholera cases have been laboratory confirmed.
  • The Ministry of Health is leading the response and has set up coordination structures at national, provincial and district levels.  
  • Coordination at the national level is led by the inter-sectoral National Emergency Preparedness, Prevention, Control and Management Committee (NEPPC&MC) 
  • Cholera causing organisms have been isolated in food sold in the streets with Government banning on-street food vending starting the week of 29 February.
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14 Мар 2016
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