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OCHA Flash Update: Syria Crisis – Hama No. 1, 28 March 2017

 OCHA Flash Update: Syria Crisis – Hama No. 1, 28 March 2017


● Increased clashes in northern and western Hama governorate have displaced up to 40,000 people to locations in Hama, Homs, Tartous and Lattakia governorates. Some internally displaced people (IDPs) are at risk of further displacement as the frontlines continue to shift.

● Of the total newly displaced people, an estimated 30,000 people moved to Hama city and Masyaf in Hama and Wadi Nasra in Homs. An estimated 9,000 people moved to Mashta Elhiu, rural areas of Banyas, and Tartous city in Tartous. Also, around 425 people (85 families) have been displaced to Lattakia. Shelter and food are the main needs.

● As of 27 March, food and non-food items have been distributed for the IDPs in Hama and Homs, including food rations for more than 38,000 people.

● In Tartous and Lattakia, food and non-food items for 8,900 newly displaced people have been distributed.

● The closure of key roads in Hama has restricted commercial and civilian movement.

● Registration of IDPs by SARC in coordination with GOPA is underway. 

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United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
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28 Мар 2017
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Situation Report
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