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Annual Report – 2019 Humanitarian Response Plan for Syria

The Annual Report of the Syria 2019 Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP) covers contextual developments in the course of 2019, their impact on humanitarian operations and the level of progress made against all response targets initially identified in the HRP. The report is available in English and is currently being translated into Arabic.

Selected highlights:

  • Over the course of 2019, an average of six million people in need – three million of whom women and girls - were reached with some form of humanitarian assistance on a monthly basis.
  • 79 per cent of this assistance was directed to communities classified as being in the highest need severity categories.
  • 168 partners participated in coordinated planning under the 2019 HRP, 75 of which were national partners.
  • With donors generously providing US$2.1 billion in funding, the 2019 HRP was 64 per cent funded – the highest funding coverage in six years.
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United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Original Publication Date: 
28 Окт 2020
Document type: 
Periodic Monitoring Report
Syrian Arab Republic
Syria: Crisis 2011-2022