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Assessments collection process

Find the information about Assessments and the collection process on this dedicated page.

5W Collection Process

Data collection template
  • Wednesdays: Clusters to submit data to OCHA (including estimated reached numbers)  
  • Thursdays: OCHA to process the data
  • Fridays: OCHA to disseminate the products
Who does What

Partners (to clusters)​:

  • Report granular information​: at least Oblast level​
  • Report complete information​: Beneficiary / reached for ongoing/completed activities (at least) and Individuals reached


  • Collect data from partners
  • Review the data (standardize organizations​; double check locations (PCODE)​ and beneficiaries / reached​; check for missing UN / Cluster lead agency information​)
  • Estimate beneficiary / reached at oblast (summary tab)​
  • Compile methodology for beneficiary / reached​
  • Send data to OCHA


  • Compiles and review raw 5W data 
  • Keeps a “Master” organization list​
  • Produces Visuals (summary products and PowerBI​)
  • Reviews methodologies used to calculate beneficiaries



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Data and Information Sensitivity Classification

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