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Humanitarian needs of older women and men in government controlled Luhansk Oblast Baseline Report - October 2016

Executive Summary

Older women and men living in Eastern Ukraine are some of the most vulnerable people affected by the conflict. Their complex needs faced prior to the conflict were only exacerbated by the humanitarian crisis. The conflict has destabilised social networks and family support thus leaving extremely vulnerable older people alone and in need of external support. Moreover, changes in the laws affecting access to pensions and social benefits, price increase of basic good and inability to continue livelihood and agricultural activities along the contact line all point to severe economic vulnerability. HelpAge has conducted a two-stage vulnerability assessment using questionnaires to ensure that the most affected older people receive a tailored and appropriate humanitarian assistance. The following baseline report highlights the humanitarian needs of 2,152 older women and men in the Government Controlled Areas of the Luhansk oblast. 

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HelpAge International
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21 Окт 2016
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Luhanska Oblast