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Tanzania: Joint Damage and Needs Assessment Report on Kagera Earthquake

Joint Damage and Needs Assessment Report on the earthquake that struck the Kagera Region of Tanzania on 10 September. The report notes that as a result of the earthquake, an estimated 117,721 people have lost their homes, most of them living outside without adequate shelter. As the rainy season has already started, temporary shelter assistance is urgently needed. The disaster also impacted the education sector, particularly Bukoba Municipality, where a high number of classrooms have been damaged affecting the capacity of available classrooms which are not affected to accommodate all the students. Urgent psychological support for the 117,721 adults and children that are traumatized by the destruction of their homes should also be prioritized.

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United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Original Publication Date: 
11 Окт 2016
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Assessment Report
Tanzania, United Republic of
Natural Disasters
Needs Assessment