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Syria: Monitoring Violence against Health Care - Summary Report, October 2016

Monthly Summary Report for incidents reported to the Health Cluster Turkey Hub related to health.


During October 2016, thirty incidents were reported. Twenty two were veried and 8 are in the process of verication. Of the veried attacks 16 health care structures and15 ambulances went temporarily or permanently of service. Ten happened in Aleppo, 3 in Idleb, 3 in Hama and 6 in Rural Damascus governorate. Aleppo and Rural Damascus were the most aected. Aleppo with 3 hospitals attacked in 6 occasions as well as 1 PHC and 2 Pharmaceutical factories. In Rural Damascus 3 hospitals, 1 PHC and 1 ambulance center were attacked. Collectively, the attacks resulted in the killing of at least 21 people including 3 health workers, and wounding at least 71 including 18 health workers.


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World Health Organization
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01 Ноя 2016
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Humanitarian Update
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