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SCHF 2021 First Standard Allocation (SA1) Strategy Paper

The overarching aim of this allocation is to ensure effective use of SCHF resources and inherent added value to achieve maximum impact through provision of humanitarian assistance to the most vulnerable people, while ensuring cost efficiency and closer integration of interventions. This strategy has been developed taking into considerations the humanitarian context and operating realities in northwest Syria. To this end, the specific objectives of this allocation are as follows:

  • Allocation Strategic Objective 1 (ASO1): Upgrading of IDP sites to ensure safe and dignified living conditions for the most vulnerable people in northwest Syria, with a focus on appropriate preventive measures to alleviate the effects of flooding and prepare for winter
  • Allocation Strategic Objective 2 (ASO2): Life-saving humanitarian assistance and protection to the most vulnerable people with an emphasis on underserved areas with high severity of needs
  • Allocation Strategic Objective 3 (ASO3): Enhance resilience of affected communities through provision of livelihoods opportunities

Project Proposal Deadline: 15 April at 15:00hrs (Turkey time) on GMS only.

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United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
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31 Мар 2021
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Policy and Guidance
Humanitarian Financing
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Syria: Crisis 2011-2021