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Cash and Voucher Assistance Risk and Mitigation Matrix| March 2022

This risk matrix is a working document which outlines the key risks that can have an impact on Cash and Voucher Assistance programming in Northwest Syria and identifies mitigation measures that can help aid agencies address these risks. These CVA risks and mitigation measures were identified through an inter-agency collaborative process, thereby reflecting the key risks and feasible mitigation measures that are applicable across the humanitarian community in Northwest Syria.

The document was developed by the Northwest Syria CVA Risk and Mitigation Taskforce, under the umbrella of the Northwest Syria Inter-agency Cash Working Group. The Northwest Syria CVA Risk and Mitigation Taskforce is led by GOAL Syria and Takaful Al Sham.

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Cash Working Group (Turkey Cross Border)
Original Publication Date: 
10 Мар 2021
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Syrian Arab Republic
Cash Transfer Programming
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Syria: Crisis 2011-2022