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Disaster Response and Preparedness in Southern Africa - A guide to international tools and services available to governments

Why this Guide?

Disaster Response and Disaster Response Preparedness in Southern Africa: A Guide to International Tools and Services Available to Governments is a guide to Southern African Government Disaster Management Authorities/ Agencies (NDMAs) and Disaster Managers on different mechanisms, international tools and services and needs assessments – all for disaster response and disaster response preparedness.

The Guide has been developed to enhance the knowledge capabilities of NDMAs and their local partners. This is accomplished by exposing them to the existing tools and services developed by the international community to facilitate effective disaster response to any scale of disaster (small, medium and large) and assist in comprehensive response preparedness.

t also serves as a reference document to national partners.

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United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Original Publication Date: 
23 Мар 2015
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Disaster management
Disaster Risk Reduction
Natural Disasters
Needs Assessment