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South Sudan Humanitarian Snapshot July 2020

Violence persisted in many parts of the country in July with seasonal flooding compounding existing humanitarian
needs. Sub-national violence in Jonglei and the Greater Pibor Administrative Area (GPAA) continued with attacks in
Bor South, Duk and Twic East counties, causing civilian casualties and displacing an estimated 40,000 people. About
73,000 people remained displaced in the GPAA since June as fighting persisted, with women and children reportedly
abducted, cattle raided and humanitarian facilities, government buildings and homes destroyed. Continued insecurity
hindered assessments and delayed the response to people’s needs. Thousands of displaced people sought refuge in the
United Nations Mission in South Sudan Area Adjacent site in Pibor town. Many others took shelter in Bor and Pibor
areas or hid in nearby bush. In Tonj North County, Warrap, more than 19,000 people were displaced by
sub-national violence and revenge attacks. Attacks on civilians by the National Salvation Front and the
combined forces of South Sudan People’s Defense Forces and Sudan People’s Liberation Army-in-Opposition
were reported in Mundri East and West counties, Western Equatoria. Floods hit Awerial County in Lakes; Bor
South and Twic East counties in Jonglei; Mayendit County in Unity; Renk County in Upper Nile; Tonj East
County in Warrap, displacing tens of thousands of people, including some 50,000 people in Bor town and
Twic East. By the end of July, 2,322 people were confirmed with COVID-19 in South Sudan.

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United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
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14 Авг 2020
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Humanitarian Snapshot