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4 - 13 June 2014 | Multi-Sectoral Rapid Assessment In Manga Teen, Juba (HACO)


This rapid assessment aims at identifying a selection of humanitarian needs within Manga Teen population IDP camps which are accessible by Humane Aid for Community Organization (
HACO) interacting with a spectrum of stakeholders found managing the camps and compiling a series of available issues for different thematic areas including WASH, Food Security & Livelihood, Child Protection /GBV service, Education Health and Nutrition programs.


Respondent interviews with Key persons managing the camp
Focus group discussion with specific groups (Women group, Youth group local authorities chiefs, Teachers and RRC Personnel available in the camps)
Participatory approach with beneficiaries from the population from the camp

Key findings: 

Child Protection:
 No education for children in the camps
 No livelihood activities taking place for all age groups in the camps
 25 separated and unaccompanied Children are found in both camp 1&2 registered by RRC.
 Referrals and Tracing services for separated and unaccompanied children are lacking in the
 68 Children with single parents either with father or mother are registered.
 66 children are registered with disabilities in the camps
 27 Children are registered without both parents
 Minimal humanitarian community based protection assistance.
 Fragile traditional justice system in the camps

Assessment Report: 
Assessment Questionnaire: 
Publicly Available
Assessment Data: 
Publicly Available
Assessment Date(s): 
с 04 Июн 2015 по 13 Июн 2015

Level of Representation

Report completed
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Child Protection Sub-Cluster, South Sudan
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Manga Ten