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Somalia: Situation report for acute watery diarrhoea/ cholera - Epidemiological week 13 (27th March – 2 nd April 2017)


 A total of 3292 AWD/ cholera cases and 67 deaths (CFR– 1.8%) were reported during Week 13 in 47 districts in 13 regions.

 There was a decrease in the number of AWD/ cholera cases and deaths reported in Week 13 (3292 cases and 67 deaths) compared to Week 12 (3390 cases and 70 deaths).

 Of the cases reported, 263 cases were reported from Luuq in Bakool which represents 8.99% of the total cases.

 New villages reporting cholera cases in week 13 include Bula Caddey & Ufuraw in Bay region, Gololey village in Middle Shebelle region, Gedweyne & Dolow in Gedo region, and Buhodle in Ayn region. Surveillance officers are planning to conduct field investigation and collect specimens

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World Health Organization
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02 Апр 2017
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Situation Report
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Somalia: Cholera Outbreak - Apr 2016