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SNS - Nutrition Causal Analysis Study - South & Central Somalia_Nov 2015

The SNS Consortium with support from WFP, carried out a Nutrition Causal Analysis (NCA) study across six locations in South Central Zone (SCZ) Somalia, between March and November 2015. These included the following Livelihood Zones: Beletweyne riverine, Baidoa agropastoral and Dollow pastoral rural livelihood zones, as well as Mogadishu urban, plus Mogadishu and Dollow Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) settlements. This NCA Report includes a specific section on each of the six NCA studies undertaken. The aim of the study was to investigate key factors that contribute to acute malnutrition in particular contexts, and the relationship between these factors as experienced by the communities studied, to highlight recommendations for service providers in the interest of strengthening prevention and support initiatives.

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Somalia Nutrition Cluster
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30 Ноя 2015
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Case Study
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Food/Nutrition Crisis
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Somalia: Drought - 2015-2018