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Philippines: Typhoon Koppu IFRC Assessment

Key findings: 

Palayan municipality:

3 out of 19 barangays affected by flooding.

(Singalat, Sapang Buho and Popolon).

Total crop damage estimated 100,255,562 PHP of rice, vegetables, calamansis and corn. Most people are farmers with destroyed crop. Value of lost livestock estimated 1,290,500PHP. Most houses standing.

Most of the people are farmers and their crops (mainly vegetables) are completely destroyed.


Flooded from both sides and heavily affected. Crops mostly destroyed. Residents are mostly farmers. School washed out and everything destroyed.

Laur Municipality:

Not much detailed data available.

5 of 17 barangays near the mountains heavily affected. Whole municipality without power and disruption drinking water supply (main water supplier is in one of most affected barangays and business is destroyed.

Save the Children visited the LGU yesterday but did not go to the barangays.

Food distributed by LGU to 3,000 families.

San Vicente:

Barangay partly flooded, no vehicle access. Provincial road is completely washed away need to cross 3 streams up to 40cm deep to reach barangay. Water came from mountains and ran through barangay. Two barangays, San Fernando and Sicolong, can still be reached through connecting road but too big a detour. Mainly farmers and all crops destroyed.

All houses, including concrete, affected by flood and mud and some of them might collapse.

Issues: In general most damage to crops and people, thus loss of income. Livelihood is a number one long term need. Not clear yet how this loss of rice/vegetables will affect the markets and influence prices. Shortages of vegetables/rice might increase prices and affect already vulnerable families.

Increased health risks in affected areas due to stagnant water and along the river (water borne diseases) and more snakes brought by floodwaters.

Sapang Buho:

Everything covered with a 20-30cm layer of mud.

66 families remain evacuated for 6 days and will stay an estimated 2 more days.

Assessment Report: 
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Assessment Date(s): 
22 Окт 2015
Draft / Preliminary Results
Population Type(s): 
All affected population
Leading/Coordinating Organization(s): 
International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
Palayan City
Other location: 
Typhoon Koppu - Oct 2015