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Rapid Assessment Report on Off-Camp IDPs in Jamrud, Khyber Agency FATA (General Situation)


Assessment methodology is mainly based on both primary and secondary sources of information collection. The scope of the study engulfs the information and data collection on IDPs Demographics,Housing/Shelter, WASH, Food Security & Livelihood, Health, Education, Vulnerability Assessment/Protection and Needs. Overall, the exercise was technically driven and managed by BHR and implemented by KKT. The assessment was carried out by a 4 teams of 14 enumerators in 27 villages of Tehsil Jamrud, captured the response of 108 households in four days time period. The sites for assessment were determined based on the concentration of IDPs were high following to the consultation
with community/tribal elders.

Being rapid in nature, BHR adopted qualitative as well as quantitative instruments for the assessment in order to collect the first hand information on IDPs needs. Qualitative instrument includes “Focus Group Discussion” (FGD) and “Direct Observation” (DB), whereas specially designed questionnaire falls under quantitative instruments.
The population of the assessment contains the entire IDPs population; however, due to urgency of the situation,simple random sampling methodology was adopted. Whereas at village level stratified sampling was used to identify four samples in 27 villages. Stratified sampling involves selecting independent samples from a number of
sub-populations, groups or strata within the population.

With regard to FGDs, a three member team of Lead Facilitator, Assistant Facilitator and Note Taker was formed.Total 3 FGD teams were formed and after proper training they are allowed to conduct FGD at 27 villages where most influx of IDPs resides. At the end of the day, the teams shared their observations. Based on shared observations
useful conclusions and assessments were made regarding the IDPs needs.

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с 17 Июл 2012 по 08 Окт 2012
Report completed
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Structured Interview
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Basic Human Rights
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