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Nigeria: Draft - Joint Education Need Assessment (JENA) Report - 04 December 2017

Executive Summary

Whilst there has been some improvement in the last 12 months in terms of education service provision there are still significant barriers to education for many children. The assessment looks at the situation across three main levels of the formal education sector (primary, junior and senior secondary) as well as analysing the influence of the security situation and accessibility to livelihoods and a “normal life”. The LGA security level is used as a unit of analysis to differentiate the situation in areas such Monguno and Mafa (high security level) which face severe security constraints compared to LGAs such as Biu and Hong which are almost completely accessible and closer to the early recovery stage of the emergency.

Access to education in the high security LGAs is typified by limited numbers of open schools with those that are open often making use of temporary infrastructure, staffed mostly by volunteer teachers. In the lower security LGAs almost all schools are functioning, but education is hampered by dilapidated infrastructure, overcrowded classrooms, unmotivated teachers and continuing poverty and hunger.

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Government of Nigeria - State Universal Basic Education Board
United Nations Children's Fund
Assessment Capacities Project
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05 Дек 2017
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Assessment Report
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Adamawa State
Borno State
Yobe State
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