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Linha Verde da Resposta á Emergência (1458) Dashboard - 15th SEP 2020 [EN]


  • Until 15 th of September 2020 Linha Verde 1458 registered a cumulative total of 20 138 cases (since 16 th May 2019 with a feedback rate of 84 This month, a total of 2 001 cases were registered, a slight increase compared to the previous month.
  • During the month in question (mid August to mid September), most of the registered cases (that are not related to Covid 19 come from the north of the country, namely Cabo Delgado and Nampula, representing 28 of total cases Thus, for the first time Sofala and other provinces in the central part of the country do not represent the highest number of registered cases.
  • 56 of cases are related to Health/Covid 19 while issues related to food security are at 39 Shelter 2 and Child Protection and Social Protection at 1 respectively Given the complex context in the north, people continue to cite food as the most pressing need  while people tend to also request shelter and NFIs in parallel, with cases referred accordingly to focal points or responded to using established communication guidance provided by partners.
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United Nations Country Team in Mozambique
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15 Сен 2020
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Analysis Report
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