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Kenya | Return Intention Survey of Somali Refugees in the Dadaab Refugee Camps | 17th Feb 2014


A comprehensive return intention profiling survey of Somali refugees in Dadaab


A limited number of refugees living in all 5 camps will be interviewed. A sample size of 7,526 will be used in all camps. The sampled refugees will be asked to give their free and honest opinions about their intentions to return to Somalia, their expectations on security, opportunities to earn a living and exposure to public service. The survey will also seek to understand their knowledge of conditions in Somalia. Prior to the exercise, experts from IOM had trained team leaders, enumerators and community mobilizers who are now involved in data collection.

Households will be the primary units of observation and interviews will be conducted with the heads of the households or any other adult member representing the head of the household in his or her absence.

Sample size: 
7,526 refugees from all the 5 camps
Assessment Report: 
Assessment Data: 
Publicly Available
Assessment Date(s): 
с 17 Фев 2014 по 31 Мар 2014
Report completed
Unit(s) of Measurement: 
Collection Method(s): 
Structured Interview
Field Interview
Population Type(s): 
Leading/Coordinating Organization(s): 
International Organization for Migration
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
Refugees and Returnees