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Iraq: RNA Toolkit

Rapid Needs Assessments (RNA) training materials are accessible here.

Use this training package to:

Introduce partners to the Iraq Assessment Working Group (AWG) Rapid Needs Assessment (RNA) Tool
Train operational partners on the methodology and tool of the RNA
Outline the implementation framework of the RNA as a national coordinated assessment tool


1. RNA National Training - Introduction and Agenda
2. RNA National Training - Kobo Overview
3. RNA National Training – Questionnaire Familiarisation
4. RNA National Training – Context and Methodology (AR, EN)
5. RNA National Training – Simulation Exercise Instructions (AR, EN)
6. RNA National Training – Planning and Coordination
7. RNA National Training – Tips, Tricks and Coordination Platforms

RNA Questionnaire: Iraq: RNA Questionnaire (EN, AR)

Other supporting materials:

Iraq: RNA Suggested Key Informants List
Iraq: RNA Kobo Install Guide (EN)
Iraq: RNA Methodology and Procedures
Iraq: Rapid Needs Assessment (RNA) - In Brief

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United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
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12 мая 2021
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Training and Resource Materials