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Nutrition Cluster/ Emergency Nutrition Coordination Unit

The ENCU is a Government unit supported by UNICEF and housed within the National Disaster Risk Management Commission (NDRMC). It leads cluster coordination in addition to being the technical emergency nutrition arm of the Government of Ethiopia (GoE). As such, the ENCU leads and coordinates nutrition partners at federal, regional and district levels for a coherent, effective emergency nutrition preparedness and response to save lives and improve the nutritional status of vulnerable populations during emergencies.

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The severe drought has also impacted the lives of people in southern, northeastern and eastern parts of Ethiopia, drying up water wells, killing livestock and crops and pushing hundreds of thousands of children and families to the brink of starvation. In line with previous efforts to strengthen inter-sectoral collaboration in Ethiopia and the recent call for action of the five clusters at global level to move towards a collaborative approach, the Agriculture, Food, Health, Nutrition and WASH clusters have agreed to leverage knowledge, expertise, reach and resources to benefit their combined strengths through an effective evidence-based inter-sectoral collaboration.