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Ethiopia Emergency Water Trucking Scale Up Strategy 2017

The evolving negative impact of IOD has resulted into below-average rainfall and drought situation in Ethiopia. There is significant gaps in drinking water supply to households in the six most affected regions. Water scarcity in lowland areas of Oromia, part of SNNP, Somali and Afar region is critical. Approximately 3.9 million people needs immediate water supply in 195 woredas of the 4 regions. Recently, the Government of Ethiopia through the Ministry of Water Irrigation and Electricity requested WASH partners to consider a scale-up of emergency water supply intervention to address this urgent need. Information from the drought-affected regions shows that many traditional water sources have dried up and households have been reported to walk for up to 10 hours in search of water.

The national WASH Cluster has scaled-up emergency water trucking interventions from December 2016 and plans to continue till early March when rain starts to address this gap. This scale-up strategy was therefore developed to guide WASH partners that will be involved in the interventions on ways of operation. It is recommended that the scale-up plan is to be used alongside the WASH Cluster water trucking guidelines. 

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Water Sanitation Hygiene Cluster - Ethiopia
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26 Янв 2017
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Ethiopia: Drought - 2015-2021