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Mission Report: Interagency mission on MYP to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) , 24-28 October 2016

1. Background

The World Humanitarian Summit has brought a new momentum to humanitarian action, calling on the international community to adjust working modalities in order to respond more effectively to the rapidly changing operational landscape, particularly by strengthening the linkages between humanitarian, peace and development communities of practice. The WHS outcomes, including the Grand Bargain, recognized that crises have evolved in a protracted way, posing a challenge to both humanitarian and development modus operandi, and requiring a new approach which will ensure a greater coherence between humanitarian, development and peacebuilding actors. Against the backdrop of these global processes, Humanitarian Country Teams in several countries have decided to shift to a multi-year plan in 2017 in an effort to efficiently achieve collective outcomes – namely, Somalia, Sudan, Niger, Cameroon, Chad, Haiti - including DRC. 

United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
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03 Мар 2017
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Mission Report
Congo, Democratic Republic of the
Strategic Planning