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Through this plan, the humanitarian and development community, in collaboration with the Burundian authorities, will work to meet the following needs with priority attention given to women, children, young and marginalized people:

  • Ensuring a dignified and efficient reception of returnees including registration, profiling, support at the border and the transit centers, transport, as well as the provision of immediate assistance for the most vulnerable.
  • Creating a safe environment and ensuring access to essential services including food, safe and adequate shelter, water and sanitation, health and nutrition, education, and protection as well as critical infrastructure and income generating and self-reliance opportunities. This includes supporting service provision in the communities of return.
  • Ensuring durable solutions for displacement-affected populations, including IDPs, in the areas of return.
  • Supporting and reinforcing existing social capital assets that can facilitate mediation and conflict resolution efforts for the peaceful coexistance of commnunities.
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05 Ноя 2017
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Tanzania, United Republic of
Refugees and Returnees