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The EPWG was created in early 2018 to bring together UN/I/NGO key actors in emergency preparedness and response planning.  The purpose of the Emergency Preparedness and Response Taskforce is to ensure all possible measures are taken to mitigate loss of life during the impending flood and cyclone season. Strengthen the preparedness readiness and risk reduction work of the humanitarian community in Cox’s Bazar through the provision of localized technical support and advice. The Taskforce provides the space for technical discussions and advice on, preparedness and response planning, including coordination with the government. The taskforce will exist if required to consolidate and operationalize the plan.

Some key outputs of the Working Group: a combined emergency preparedness and response plan, including early warning, immediate assessment and response, and coordination structures for emergency response.Key interaction and information sharing with agreed actions with the military.   Agreement on information sharing on forecasting for preparedness with Global Collaborative Effort/BMD.  Ensuring Safety and Security element of emergency response is incorporated and consolidated in agencies’ Business Continuity Plans.  Working with the GoB on the setting up of the Emergency Operations Centre at Cox Bazar level. Continued liaison with the National Authorities, agencies and sectors, particularly relevant working groups and task teams, such as emergency medical, to ensure effective coordination of emergency response and closing of key gaps in the sectors