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Afghanistan: Winterization Response Dashboard (as of April 2021)

Operation(s)/ Webspace(s): 
Aga Khan Development Network
Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development (ACTED)
Catholic Organization for Relief and Development Aid
Central Afghanistan Welfare Committee
Danish Assistance to Afghan Rehabilitation and Technical Training (Afghanistan)
Danish Refugee Council
Government of Afghanistan - Ministry of Refugees and Repatriation
International Organization for Migration
International Rescue Committee
Islamic Relief Worldwide
New Consultancy and Relief Organization
Norwegian Refugee Council
Organization for Relief Development (Afghanistan)
Rural Capacities Development Committee
Save The Children
United Nations Children's Fund
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
ZOA International
Original Publication Date: 
06 мая 2021
Map/Infographic Type: 
Humanitarian Dashboard
Coordination hub(s): 
National Level Coordination