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AFGHANISTAN: Humanitarian Response Plan (2018-2021) - One Pager

In 2020, humanitarian partners have identified 9.4 million people in need of humanitarian and protection assistance. From these, humanitarian partners have prioritised some 7.1 million people to receive life-saving assistance in 2020, for which US$733 million is required.
Sustained conflict in Afghanistan has resulted in high numbers of civilian deaths and injuries, and protracted displacement for millions. Many millions of people are still reeling from the crippling effects of the 2018-19 drought and struggling to recover. The cumulative impacts of decades of war, combined with recurrent natural disasters and chronic poverty, have resulted in crippling debt and depleted people’s capacity to cope with repeated shocks. Over 14 million people are projected to experience crisis and emergency levels of food insecurity, in the first quarter of 2020. Malnutrition is soaring, with over 3 million children and women acutely malnourished, requiring specialised nutrition supplies and medicines.
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United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
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09 Янв 2020
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Humanitarian Programme Cycle
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National Level Coordination