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Afghanistan: A brief guide on accessing land through Presidential Decree 305 and other government allocation mechanisms - July 2020 [EN]

This brief provides information on legal mechanisms that IDPs, returnees and other tenure insecure groups can use to access land. It focuses on the Presidential Decree 305 and other government-led land allocation mechanisms. This guidance note is not a legal document, but provides information and analysis from the Housing, Land and Property Task Force (HLP TF). The HLP TF is a sub-cluster of the Protection Cluster, and part of Afghanistan’s Humanitarian Country Team. The content of this brief is extracted from UN-Habitat’s (forthcoming) Housing, Land and Property Rights Guide.

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Norwegian Refugee Council
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
United Nations Human Settlements Programme
Original Publication Date: 
02 Сен 2020
Document type: 
Technical Document