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HEAT assessment for conflict IDPs in Asadabad District of Kunar province (05 July 2017)


Joint need assessment of conflict IDPs in Asadabad district


Direct Observation

Key findings: 

On 5th July,17 NRC emergency staff conducted a joint assessment in Asadabad, Kunar of the families displaced from various districts of Kunar to Asadabad, the center, generally the members of those families were working for the government, and it was very difficult for them to stay anymore, they received warnings through letters and verbally as well, they have been notified to leave the government or pay the amount specified from AOG’s side for those who are working for the government, otherwise we won’t allow you to live here, after the hiring of new commanders of Taliban, rules and regulations have been changed in some areas of Kunar, every commander or the person who joins a new area, sets some roles for the community by himself, this time everything changed completely for us compares to the past, said a representative of those affected households during the interview.
After, they realized the situation is not good for those who are working for the government so they decided to leave the area before anything happens and threaten their life, now they have displaced to Asadabad, as they left everything at the place of origin and just saved their heads, the joint assessment team found them in critical situation and identified 16 HHs’ which makes a total of 114 individuals as the average size of the household is 7.13 eligible for emergency response.

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Not Available
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с 05 Июл 2017 по 10 Июл 2017
Report completed
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Norwegian Refugee Council
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Afghan Planning Agency
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