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A webspace is simply a subsite in the the global which could belong to a global site or serve as operational or emergency site. The global HR platform in version 2.0 is made up of webspaces and each space has set of users and content which those users manage. For example, the following are webspaces:

A registered user can become member of multiple webspaces. The webspace owner or the manager has to approve to make user ‘ABC’ as editor or manager of the webspace. For instance, if the user ‘ABC’ is registered/subscribed in the global, he/she can become member of the operational site e.g. Afghanistan or one of the global sub site i.e. Information Management Working Group. (IMWG) and this way he/she can upload content and make changes to the existing content depend on the user role.

Webspaces are sometimes also referred to as "groups" or "organic groups". This is the only content type that allows membership and roles to be assigned.