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The platform is provided to the humanitarian community as a means to aid in coordination of operational information and related activities. The technical aspects have been developed and continued to be managed by OCHA as per their responsibilities outlined in the Inter-Agency Standing Committee’s (IASC) Operational Guidance on Responsibilities Of Cluster/Sector Leads & OCHA In Information Management.

The site provides a predictable set of core features and has been built in a way for partners and OCHA sections to develop and integrate specialized components into the core Humanitarian Response site thereby making them universally available during emergencies (e.g. Needs/Response, Humanitarian Access, Dashboard, etc.). The website complements the information management capabilities of the national authorities, as well as in-country development and humanitarian actors, in order to optimize the response and meet the needs of the affected population.

At the global level, the site serves the purpose of providing a one-stop-shop to global information resources (e.g. normative products such as guidance notes and policies, cluster specific information, toolboxes, links to relevant external sites, etc.). Information Management Branch (IMB) is moving forward with strategies to better integrate,, and so that staff time to manage these sites is minimized and our partners know where to go to get relevant information>

The entire site has been built on open source technologies (Drupal Content Management System).