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You can add new pages to your space to present content grouped by a category of your choosing, or to present your content in a more dedicated context. You can also make use of the wider main content section on your page by omitting the left sidebar menu.

Note: Pages do not come with additional functionalities such as the ability to assign access, to tag content, to switch on/off features, etc. If these are your requirements, simple pages will not be able to accommodate them. Instead, you need to request a new space to be created for you. Read more about the differences between a page and a space.

Before creating a new page, review existing pages already in your space to ensure that you're not duplicating content. To do so, click on 'Content' and then filter all of the content in your space by selecting 'Page' in the Type dropdown. This will give you a list of all pages, both published and unpublished, belonging to your space.

To create a new page, log into and navigate to your space, then follow these steps:

Step 1 - Click on “+” on top of the page and click on “Page”

Screenshot of the top bar menu

Step 2 - Fill in the form

Screenshot of the Create new page form

There are only two required fields in the form, the title and the webspace (which should come pre-filled). We'd recommend creating the English version of the page first even if you will be adding other language versions as well. At this point, we'd recommend leaving the Body of the page empty - you can add content to the page after it's been created via the "Customize this page" option in the next step. Checking the "Hide vertical menu" will remove the left sidebar menu from your page, giving you a wider main content section to work with.

Step 3 - Save and publish the page

Screenshot of the Save new page menu

You have now created a new page! Next, you'll probably want to add content to the page - click on the "Customize this page" button in the bottom bar and then proceed adding your content. For instructions on this, please refer to the various explainer pages in the "Common tasks - Manager role" section.

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