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Managing content layout or adding them to the pages like front page or cluster specific page in the site are implemented differently in version 2.0 of the HR platform compared to version 1.x.

In the new version, adding a block for ‘Featured’ document or ‘Latest’ map on the front page or cluster page is done manually but gives more flexibility to the site focal point to choose whatever content they want to display on those pages given that those content i.e. document or map is already uploaded to the site.

If a user needs to show five or eights key documents on the front page as a  block in the site, she can do so by adding various documents using the page customization feature and can change the order in which document’s link should be displayed which was not possible in version 1.x.

Adding Featured Document

In this tutorial we will show you how to add ‘Featured’ document to the page.

NOTE: Please note that only site manager having ‘Manager’ role will be able to perform the following steps;

  1. Login to your site
  2. Open any page or front page of your site where you want to display ‘Featured document’ block.
  3. At the bottom of the page, click on the ‘Customize this page’ button to make necessary changes to the page. See the screenshot below. Once you customize the page, you will see the page layout with various blocks where you can add the custom content. You can also change the layout of the page using the steps explained in the section Change Page Layout

    Customize the page

  4. Once you click on the customize button, you will see that page is divided into two columns with light blue background color and dotted lines. The layout of this page is set to ‘two columns’ but you can change this to other layout using the steps given in the section, Change Page Layout. In the second column, we have already added some document links. Let’s add ‘Featured document in the 1st column.

    Add content to the column

  5. As you can see in the screenshot above, click on the ‘+’ sign to add content to the first column.
  6. From the new window, choose ‘‘Content by’ from the left side list, then click on "Static document" as shown in the screenshot below;

  7. In the ‘Configure new Documents’ window, a) provide the title i.e. ‘Featured Document’; b) then type the title of the document in the parameter under ‘Document’. Please make sure the document is already uploaded to the site; c) select the value  ‘Teaser’ from the View mode dropdown list and click on ‘Finish’ at the bottom to complete this process. See the screenshot below.

    Select the documents to add

  8. If you follow the steps correctly in #8, you should be able to see the newly added ‘Featured’ document. Now click on the save button to save the custom page. See the screenshot below.

    Final customized page