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Situation Report #25: Recent Developments in Northwest Syria (as of 26 February 2021)


  1. A declining trend in new COVID-19 cases has been seen in northwest Syria during the reporting period while preparations for a vaccination campaign are ongoing.
  2. The devaluation of the Syrian Pound continues to create severe economic instability, with new historical lows of 3,510 SYP/USD on 24 February.
  3. A funding shortfall in water and sanitation services continues with the number of people in need of these services increasing to over 3 million people in the last four months. Further gaps are expected to compound with the existing gaps in the upcoming months.
  4. Funding gaps in protection services also jeopardize critical protection activities, such as the provision of dignity kits and gender-based violence programming.
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United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
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02 Мар 2021
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Situation Report
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Syria: Crisis 2011-2021