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ProCap - The inter-agency Protection Standby Capacity Project

The Protection Standby Capacity Project (ProCap) - an inter-agency initiative created in 2005 in collaboration with the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) - seeks tobuild global protection capacity and enhance the humanitarian system’s protection response.ProCap aims to strengthen the collaborative response of protection and non-protection mandated organisations and supports the Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC) Principals’ Statement on the Centrality of Protection in Humanitarian Action.

ProCap deploys senior advisers with proven protection expertise to field, regional and global operations.Protection Capacity Advisers support the strategic and operational humanitarian protection response for IDPs and other vulnerable populations and train mid-level protection staff from Standby Partners and UN Agencies.

ProCap Advisers are an inter-agency resource deployed to the Humanitarian Coordinator, UN agencies, and integrated missions. ProCap Advisers work in humanitarian emergencies caused either by disaster or conflict, in the immediate aftermath or at a later stage, and to protracted or neglected crises. ProCap can also respond in transitional contexts.

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