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Currently available features

  • Form builder. Previously available tools for designing ODK-compatible forms, such as ODK Build or XLSForms, have proven complex and difficult to use, or lacking in features. The integrated KoBo form builder aims to address these limitations by providing a simple click and drag interface which requires few technical skills to master, while retaining the feature depth of the underlying XML structure for more advanced users. The form builder is also fully compatible with XLSForms, allowing a flexible interchange between the formats at any stage of form design, and a seamless transfer of previously designed XLSForms into KoBo Toolbox.
  • Question library. In order to simplify survey design and allow users and organisations to manage and re-use questions, the form builder integrates a question library. This allows prepared questions to be rapidly identified and inserted into a form as it is designed.
  • Android- or browser-based data collection. Data can be collected not just via a dedicated app on any Android device, but also in a browser-based form (thanks to Enketo technology) accessible on any computer, or mobile device running another operating system. Data collection via both methods is fully supported offline as well as online.
  • Data submission. When offline, data is stored locally on both the app or browser, and then submitted directly to the server whenever an internet connection becomes available. Alternatives for offline transmission also exist, in case the system needs to be used in a completely offline environment.
  • Data management. The Toolbox incorporates the rich features of formhub technology for data management, allowing aggregation, editing and annotation of the data directly within the platform, as well as mapping of geo-referenced data and photo display. The API allows dynamic and automated interaction with the data, including its seamless integration into other databases or websites.
  • Data download. Data can be downloaded in a number of formats, ready for analysis in Excel, SPSS, or other statistical packages.
  • Data analysis in Excel. The KoBoToolbox Excel Data Analyser (click to download) greatly facilitates analysis of survey responses, providing simple but powerful charts which visualise responses to questions and enable initial analyses to be conducted within minutes, without any advanced technical expertise required (although analytical expertise is still essential to ensure that results are not misinterpreted).
  • User access control. Users create separate accounts and their forms and data are inaccessible to other users and system administrators – unless you choose to share.


For updates or latest features please refer to our release notes