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Multiple Indicator Monitoring Survey 2009


The MIMS, a customized version of the MICS3, is part of a worldwide survey program, originally developed to measure progress towards an internationally agreed set of goals that emerged from the 1990 World Summit for Children. Specifically the MIMS 2009 objectives were to:
- collect socio-economic data that will bring out an array of information on health, human capital and well-being of the population that can be used as a baseline for development interventions;
- build capacity of national partners in data collection , compilation, processing, analysis and reporting; o provide decision makers with evidence on children’s and women’s rights and other vulnerable groups in Zimbabwe; and
- serve as a monitoring tool on almost half of the 2015 Millennium Development Goal (MDG) indicators.

Principales constatations: 
Taille de l’échantillon : 
Rapport d'évaluation: 
Publicly Available
Questionnaire d'évaluation: 
Not Available
Données d'évaluation: 
Not Available
Date(s) de l'évaluation: 
01 fév 2009 - 15 mar 2009
État de l'évaluation: 
Report completed
Unité de Mesure: 
Méthode de collecte: 
Structured Interview
Type de population: 
Toutes les populations affectées
Agence(s) chef de file: 
Government of Zimbabwe
Organisation(s) participante(s): 
Fonds des Nations Unies pour l'enfance
Autres lieux: