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Yemen Humanitarian Fund - Bi-annual Dashboard (Jan-Jun 2019)


As of 1 July 2019, 17 donors have contributed a total of $110 million to the Yemen Humanitarian Fund (YHF). Between January and June, the YHF allocated $114m through three allocations to 43 humanitarian organizations implementing 75 life-saving projects across all sectors of need in 19 of Yemen’s 22 Governorates. A Standard Allocation was launched at the end of January alongside the Humanitarian Response Plan to support an integrated response in districts at risk of famine, improve living conditions in collective sites and assist people newly displaced. It was followed by a Reserve Allocation in April to mitigate impacts of cholera and another Reserve Allocation in May to support WHO's Mercy Flights. A total of 5.5m people will benefit from these life-saving interventions.

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03 juil 2019
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