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Yemen: Flood Snapshot (As of 28 September 2020) [EN/AR]

Situation Overview

Yemen has been hard-hit by heavy rains and flooding this year. Heavy rains first hit the country in April, more rainfall followed in June – mainly in southern and eastern governorates – and continued in July intensifying at the end of the month and into August. Hajjah Governorate was again hit by heavy rainfall in mid-September. The rains and flooding have caused devastation, resulting in deaths and injuries, destroying homes and shelters, damaging infrastructure, spoiling crops and killing livestock. The lives of tens of thousands of people, many of them already displaced, have been disrupted. Partners report that nearly 96,000 families were affected in 189 districts in 19 governorates, and that 44 people died as a result of the rains and flooding. Marib, Hajjah, Al Hudaydah, and Sana’a governorates and Sana’a City were particularly badly affected. Partners across the country provided emergency support and continue to respond to the needs of affected populations.

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24 oct 2020
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Rapport de Situation