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Syria Crisis: Ar-Raqqa Situation Report No. 9 (8-19 June 2017)

Syria Crisis: Ar-Raqqa Situation Report No. 9 (8-19 June 2017)


 Heavy fighting between the SDF and ISIL in ArRaqqa city continued as the SDF made advances in the northwestern and eastern parts of the city.

 Since early June, an estimated 50,000 people have been displaced in Ar-Raqqa governorate, some for short periods. Of these, 7,655 IDPs have so far been verified by CCCM cluster as remaining displaced for longer periods. The situation continues to be fluid, with new displacements coexisting with rapid return movements to areas taken over by SDF.

 Those fleeing the fighting in Ar-Raqqa city continue to face a number of protection risks, including punitive measures put in place by ISIL, threats posed by landmine and other weapon contamination, family separation, forced recruitment at check points, as well as the removal of identification and restricted movement upon entering displacement camps.

 In the wake of SDF advances, the conduct of hostilities in Ar-Raqqa city is of grave concern for the protection of civilians. The humanitarian community continues to call for all parties to the conflict to uphold their obligations under IHL to spare the civilian protection from harm and to consider their protection and safety as paramount.

Following approval by the Government of Syria, WFP successfully completed a first trial delivery from Homs to Qamishly via Aleppo to assess the road conditions and the security situation along the route.

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22 juin 2017
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Rapport de Situation
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