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Syria Crisis: Ar-Raqqa Situation Report No. 10 (19-26 June 2017)

Syria Crisis: Ar-Raqqa Situation Report No. 10 (19-26 June 2017)


 Displacements from and within Ar-Raqqa governorate continued due to fighting and heavy airstrikes. An estimated 184,705 people have been displaced since 1 April, including over 108,000 people since 1 May.

 Increasing displacement from Deir-Ez-Zor prompted a request by the Kurdish SelfAdministration to the UN to open new sites for people attempting to flee the area.

 The overall protection situation for civilians remains of high concern. There are increasing fears that civilians may remain trapped in fighting in urban areas, with ISIL reportedly placing heavy restrictions on civilians attempting to flee the area. Freedom of movement for IDPs also remains a key protection concern, despite continuous advocacy efforts. The presence of UXOs is also a concern.

 Following the opening of the land-route from Aleppo to Qamishli, the airlift to Qamishli was phased out on 24 June


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Bureau de la coordination des affaires humanitaires des Nations Unies
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28 juin 2017
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Rapport de Situation
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