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Beyond Numbers - Improving the gathering of GBV data to inform humanitarian responses

This Knowledge Series guide provides a roadmap for producing in-depth gender-based violence analyses to inform humanitarian responses. It is widely acknowledged that prevalence data is not necessary for establishing effective gender-based violence responses. As such, this guide aims to inform gender-based violence (GBV) responders, GBV coordinators, and humanitarian actors on how to collect GBV data safely to inform humanitarian responses, especially in contexts where available information on GBV is limited.

The content of this guide is based on the experience of the Whole of Syria GBV Area of Responsibility (AoR) which, over the six years prior to the publication of this guide, has annually produced one of the most positively-reviewed and evaluated in-depth analyses of gender-based violence in a humanitarian context, called Voices from Syria. Produced within the context of the Humanitarian Programme Cycle, the Voices from Syria publication offers an essential look into the lives of the women and girls in Syria, serving as a guide to aid agencies in delivering an informed response to GBV nationwide.


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Fonds des Nations Unies pour la population
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08 mar 2021
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Supports de Communication