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Long range forecast product for Africa valid for Sept. to Dec. 2013 seasons (Issued on August 31, 2013)

- Above average near surface air temperature is very likely over much of the eastern part of North Africa from September to November 2013;
- Above average precipitation is very likely over the coastal parts of the Western Mediterranean zone including much of Morocco;
- Above to well above average precipitation is very likely around Lake Chad and much of southern half of Chad; over much of central and western Sahel from
western Niger to southeastern Mauritania; over coastal Senegal and Mauritania from September to November 2013;
- Below average precipitation is very likely over Guinea-Conakry, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Central and southern Tanzania, northern Zambia and Mozambique as
well as Malawi.
- Survey for heavy precipitation and high flows that may cause flooding over river basins in the Sahel;
- increased survey for locust infestation over Sahel;
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Centre Africain pour les Applications de la Météorologie au Développement
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31 aoû 2013
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