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Needs Assessment Mission to Nguna Island


Obtain a baseline overview of the situation on the ground in order to reach a common understanding of the scale and severity of the response to Cyclone Pam and target the response accordingly

Rapport d'évaluation: 
Publicly Available
Questionnaire d'évaluation: 
Publicly Available
Données d'évaluation: 
Publicly Available
Date(s) de l'évaluation: 
21 mar 2015
État de l'évaluation: 
Report completed
Type de population: 
Toutes les populations affectées
Agence(s) chef de file: 
United Nations Disaster Assessment and Coordination
Organisation(s) participante(s): 
Government of Vanuatu - National Disaster Management Office
Autres lieux: 
Nguna Island
Tropical Cyclone Pam - Mar 2015