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Years of conflict have killed, injured or brought disease to hundreds of thousands of Syrians. Based in Gaziantep, Turkey, health organizations do cross-border work to provide medical care to families in northern Syria. Led by the World Health Organization’s Gaziantep office, the Health Cluster provides humanitarian assistance to people in need and restores disrupted health care services in northern Syria.

The Cluster:

  • Ships lifesaving and essential medical supplies and equipment to northern Syria.
  • Provides training and support to Syrian health care workers.
  • Vaccinates more than a million Syrian children.
  • Maintains surveillance and early response on priority communicable diseases.

Monitoring Violence against Health Care

Because of attacks, many Syrian health care facilities are either completely out of service or only partially functioning. In 2017, health facilities across Syria were attacked 100 times, with more than 70 health care workers killed and almost 150 wounded. Health Cluster and WHO continue to gather and share information and is strongly advocating for change. Such attacks not only affect health care providers but also deprive people of urgently-needed care. The attacks violate human rights and the right to health.

The latest report on attacks can be accessed here.

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World Health Organization
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