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Advocating for Boarding Schools in Greater Kapoeta Region AVSI-ECW 2022

What is a boarding school?
One of the priorities for Education and Child Protection programs in any emergency context, is to ensure that children have a safe place to resort to. Children affected by crises are prone more than anyone else to experience any kind of threat such as physical, psychological or sexual abuse, exploitation, hunger and risk of mortal illness. Sometimes health, shelter, feeding and childcaring cannot be guaranteed because of the absence of a supportive network of adults either at school or within the communities.
Boarding Schools are education centres where vulnerable children can access not only educational services. They are living-in schools with a whole well-being system capable of implementing educational quality programs that guarantee effective learning processes. Concurrently, these children receive physical care and emotional support, and they are helped to build new bonds with a social-diverse group of peers, so that they can both learn and grow safely.

Why boarding schools in Greater Kapoeta? Find it out in the document!

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AVSI Foundation
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01 déc 2021
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Appel de Fonds
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