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25 May 2017: Secondary Data Review - South Sudan Child Protection Sub-Cluster

This document collates and primarily analyzes available information on key child protection issues from a compilation of reports. It covers the period between July 2016 and May 2017 and includes in-emergency information about the following child protection vulnerabilities in South Sudan since renewed conflict in July 2016: Abduction, Child Labor, Children Associated with Armed Forces and Armed Groups, Danger and Injuries, Justice for Children, Physical Violence and other Harmful Practices, Psychosocial Distress and Mental Disorder, Sexual Violence and exploitation, Unaccompanied and Separated Children. It also captures other areas including Overall Protection, Overall Child Protection, other areas including security, and Other Child Protection issues. The document also provides a section on information gaps, an overview of the legal framework and a list of documents used to create this report.

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Child Protection Sub-Cluster, South Sudan
Date de publication initiale: 
25 mai 2017
Type de document: 
Rapport d'Analyse
South Sudan