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IRNA Report: Wulu-Cueibet Counties, Lakes State

  • The purpose of this IRNA was to provide immediate and quick overview of situation of the affected populations and to determine their dire needs and potential impacts of the crisis.
  • The findings of this assessment would guide the clusters in their specific response in determining to the humanitarian situation.
  • Focus Group Discussion
  • key informants’ interview and
  • Observation
Principales constatations: 
  • A total of 5579 HHs were assessed and found to have been devastated by floods in 13 villages in Wulu and Cueibet Counties
  • Crops failure is imminent because of the unprecedented levels of floods which devastated peoples’ farms. This is likely to lead to lack of food in most of the affected locations
  • Schools were used as safe shelters for the IDPs population, this will pose a challenge as schools are reopening
  • Some of the displaced households are surviving by gathering what they can salvage from the gardens. The rains coincided with the harvesting of the groundnut crop and the fast-growing sorghum
  • Motoronyo village with the other 4 clusters of villages nearby had limited access to basic services viz, health, nutrition, food assistance, and WASH. This lack of basic services has worsened their level of vulnerabilities to the shocks of flooding.
  • There is risk of water borne diseases such as Cholera and other diseases due to open defecation and lack of safe drinking water.
  • There is risk of vaccine preventable diseases outbreak such as measles, polio among others due to lack EPI services at Motoronyo village.
Rapport d'évaluation: 
Publicly Available
Questionnaire d'évaluation: 
Available on Request
Données d'évaluation: 
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Date(s) de l'évaluation: 
03 sep 2020 - 10 sep 2020
État de l'évaluation: 
Report completed
Type de population: 
Agence(s) chef de file: 
Bureau de la coordination des affaires humanitaires des Nations Unies
Organisation(s) participante(s): 
Doctors with Africa CUAMM
Norwegian People's Aid
Plan International
Rise Africa Organization (South Sudan)
Fonds des Nations Unies pour l'enfance
Programme Alimentaire Mondial
Organisation mondiale de la Santé
Autres lieux: 
Wulu county, Motoronya, Wako, Domolota, Guba, Langdit, Panakol, Bhargel Alel, Akuoc-chok
South Sudan: Floods - Aug 2020