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IRNA Report: Wau (21-22 March 2016)


An Inter-agency Rapid Needs Assessment (IRNA) was conducted in Wau Town and surrounding areas on 21-22 of March to assess the humanitarian needs of the conflict affected populations.

Principales constatations: 

Fighting in and around Wau Town over the past three months has generated displacement and urgent humanitarian needs. Among the needs identified by the community were food, water, shelter and non-food items (NFIs). The malnutrition situation was also reported to be concerning, with an increase of acute malnutrition rates among children and pregnant and lactating mothers. Further, displaced community noted the need to enrol displaced children into existing schools before the commencement of final exams.
In regard to the ongoing tensions and security situation in Wau Town and surrounding payams, civilians reported ongoing harassment and killings.

Rapport d'évaluation: 
Publicly Available
Questionnaire d'évaluation: 
Not Available
Données d'évaluation: 
Publicly Available
Date(s) de l'évaluation: 
21 mar 2016 - 22 mar 2016
État de l'évaluation: 
Report completed
Type de population: 
Toutes les populations affectées
Agence(s) chef de file: 
Bureau de la coordination des affaires humanitaires des Nations Unies
Organisation(s) participante(s): 
Organisation internationale pour les migrations
Johanniter International Assistance
Solidarites International
Haut-Commissaire des Nations Unies pour les réfugiés
Fonds des Nations Unies pour l'enfance
Programme Alimentaire Mondial
Organisation mondiale de la Santé